Schools and Educational Institutions

People Counting


  • Followino people counting system, thanks to the sensitive sensors placed at the door entrances of the Educational Institutions, is able to detect the number of visitors instantly, in the closed areas requested by the management (Classroom, Library, Gymnasium, Toilets, Teachers’ room, etc.). It is a system that also performs density analysis, gender and age determination with special cameras installed in the designated locations.
  • During the period in which Educational Institutions will restart their activities;
    • People Counting,
    • Density Analysis,
    • Heat & Temperature Detection,
    • Visitor Anaylsis
  • aims to minimize the risk of virus transmission and meet hygiene and safety expectations, during the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Thanks to the “Multidimensional Digital Reporting System” Educational Institutions will acquire with Followino, a system which can optimally evaluate the numerical analysis after the epidemic.

    What is People Counting System ?

      • The People Counting System detects the entry and exit movements of people and reports the increase and decrease in the area where it is located. It records the data coming to the Inventory Module and with time parameters sends it to the main data center.
      • It is integrated into changing law articles, circulars and rules very quickly, thereby expanding service areas for public health without wasting time.
  • Benefits of People Counting
    • It enables the closed areas to be adapted to the social distance rules by instant calculation of the square meter Employee / Student / Parent ratio.
    • It provides instantaneous determination of the number of visitors entering and leaving educational institutions with a high accuracy rate (98%).
    • It ensures that the management is notified with the warnings in case of exceeding the capacity in the specified areas.
    • It prioritizes controlling the Employee / Student / Parent entry and complying with social distance rules.
    • It generates reports on a daily and hourly basis, allowing measurement and evaluation of entrance / exit traffic.

Heat and Temperature Detection System

  •  What ?
    • It is the system that activates the instant alert system with the contactless determination of the body temperatures of the Employees / Students / Parents at the entrance of the Educational Institutions. It protects the health of Employees, Students and Parents through the sending of the data to the center and its instant intervention.
  •  Benefits
    • With contactless measurement, the body temperature of the Employees / Students / Parents is determined at the entrances of the Educational Institutions and high-fever people are identified.
    • By providing instant control, the spread of infection is prevented.

What is Density Analysis ?

    • It is a system that determines where and in which area the human density is high / low by means of sensitive cameras, and it reports and send alerts (notifications) to the required places.
  • Benefits
    • Dense areas are determined with heat map.
    • According to the density;
      • Determination of cleaning needs,
      • Determination of ventilation needs,
      • Determination of the replacement time of ventilation filters,
      • Determination of hand antiseptic or disinfectant sites,
      • Determination of mask and / or glove locations,
      • The places, where the printable wall diagrams regarding Covid-19 and hygiene applications will be hanged are provided.

What is Visitor Analsis ?

  • It is the system that determines the age and gender of the persons without contact with the Face Recognition System, thanks to the sensitive cameras placed in the areas determined during the activities such as presentations, events, as well as daily entry and exit.
  • Benefits
    • The collected data is reported with time, occupancy rate, gender, age and area parameters, and it is ensured to be transformed into meaningful data.

Areas of Educational Institutions

  • Classroom / Laboratory
  • Followino, through cameras placed in closed areas where students are trained;
    • Enables the determination of the number of students / teachers entering / exiting.
    • It provides the determination of the number of students and teachers entering without a mask.
    • It ensures that the intensity of the entrance is determined and adapted to the social distance rules.
    • By providing the determination of the density occurring in the related areas, it ensures that queue formation is prevented by instant intervention.
    • Canteen, Conference Hall, Art Hall, Teachers’ Room, Service Areas
    • Followino;
    • During the Covid 19 pandemic, according to the number of identified areas / people; it ensures compliance with social distance rules in areas such as canteen, conference hall, teachers’ room, service areas etc.
    • The social distance between tables / chairs / armchairs is maintained, allowing educational institutions to socialize in confidence and peace.
    • It ensures rapid renewal of exhausted disposable products by considering common usage areas with density map.
    • It provides optimization of the number of cleaning staff by determining density.
  • Toilets
  • According to the usage intensity determined by the cameras placed in the toilet entrances;
  • Temizlik personeli çalışma saatlerinin düzenlenmesine olanak sağlar.
  • It provides renewal and inspection of consumables (disinfectant, soap, toilet paper, etc.).
  • Eating & Drinking Units
    • The field capacity / number of tables is evaluated and controlled.
    • Social distance is maintained between Tables and Chairs.
    • Real-time determination of occupancy rate ensures minimization of problems in operational services.
    • Staff working hours are planned according to the density.
    • With the density map, the common use areas are taken into consideration and the disposable products are renewed rapidly.
  • Outdoor / Indoor Swimming Pools
    • Directing the cleaning staff to the relevant area according to the usage intensity of the sunbeds at the Pool.
    • With the cameras placed on the indoor / outdoor pools, measures are taken according to the intensity of the pool usage.
  • Gyms
    • By determining the capacity threshold value, the instant warning system is activated and students are informed.
    • Based on the determined density, social distance is maintained and equipment is used efficiently.
    • Optimization of the number of cleaning staff is provided according to the density.
  • Locker Room
    • According to the usage intensity determined by the cameras placed at the entrance of the Locker Room;
    • It allows the working hours of cleaning staff to be arranged.
    • It allows determination of hand antiseptic / disinfectant renewal times according to the usage intensity of the area.
  • School Vehicles
    • It provides determination and instant control of passenger capacity of vehicles.
    • It ensures that the driver and the center are notified by instant notification in case of exceeding the passenger capacity in each school vehicle.
    • In line with social distance rules, the safety of drivers and students is not compromised.
    • Provides control of whether students getting on with a mask or not, and notifies the driver and center through the warning system.