Density Analysis


    • What is the Density Analysis?
      • It is a system that determines where and in which region the human densities are seen in closed areas by means of sensitive cameras, and reports them, and sends alerts to relevant authorities.
    • Benefits
          • It offers a visual richness beyond standard analysis reports, and as it will be easy to analyze, it allows the center to react within short time
          • In terms of public health and in order to protect the social distance, it notifies the authorized people in case where the regional personal density rate has
            been exceeded.
          • By detecting where there is more and less density, it sends warning and notification in order to create more focus to the required areas
    • Device Properties
              • 4K resolution
              • 360 degree viewing angle
              • 3D density maps
              • 15 IR distance
              • Microphone and Speaker
              • Multiple display modes

Density Mapping Camera

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning support
              • Fisheye lens to control more areas
              • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms
              • Field scanning and recognition algorithms