People Counting

    What ?

  • With special cameras placed in the market,
    • Instant counting of customer entries and exits takes place.
    • Customer flow and density are determined.
    • The number of people is calculated by proportioning the area over the square meter definition.
    • The number of instant customers and the occupancy rate are followed through the screens placed at the market entrance.
    • Benefits
    • Within the scope of measures taken to prevent epidemics;
        • With the instant calculation of the customer rate per square meter, it is ensured that the closed areas are harmonized with the social distance rules.
        • In case of exceeding the capacity, the information coming from the center is notified to the market officers and the customer input is taken under control by instant intervention.
        • By integrating with automatic door systems, it ensures that the doors are closed when the legal number is reached. It eliminates the human factor and provides safe shopping opportunity.
        • Customer traffic is measured by generating reports on day and hour basis.
        • With the effective use of the report system, customer satisfaction is increased.

Customer Analysis

    •  What ?
      • With special cameras placed on the market doors,
          • Gender and age are defined through customer biometrics.
          • The frequency of the customers’ visits is known.
          • Customers who visit for the first time are identified and their behavior is analyzed.
    • Benefits
        • It provides detailed reporting opportunity according to the age groups by determining the gender of the customers.
        • Specific presentation solutions are determined according to the customer portfolio by determining which age / gender group entered the market in the assigned time interval.
        • Personalized marketing techniques are developed through customer biometrics.

Heat Map

    •  What ?
      • With special cameras placed on the market doors,
          • Visualizes data with the use of color.
          • It determines the departments and the areas where the customers spend time.
    • Benefits
        • Determines critical sections with heat map.
        • It determines the running numbers according to the density of the aisle.
        • The product types that the customer focuses on purchasing are determined.
        • It is determined which product series performs better in which region.
        • Popular areas are identified and unattractive products are removed in these areas.
        • External effects (such as campaigns etc.) that direct customers to purchase are identified.
        • The number of customers and the rate of visit to the trip are calculated.

Customer Oriented Market Optimization

    •  What ?
        • The system provides analysis of the data collected through advanced systems.
        • The size of the data determines the size of the commercial profit.
  • Benefits
      • Customer traffic is determined with reports received on a day and hour basis and employee shifts are determined accordingly.
      • Increases labor productivity.
      • It notifies the queue density at the cash register by sending instant notifications to the center.
      • It reports the waiting times of the customers at the cash registers.
      • Campaigns and number of employees are determined according to the use of the department.
      • By evaluating the customers in the right segments, the right message is delivered to the right customer.
  • Benefits
  • As a result of the integration provided with the ERP program;
      • By determining the instant & sales density status, the financial report of the customer / turnover ratio depending on the number of customers is provided.
      • Accordingly, personnel shift optimization is determined.
      • According to the report, the product variety is increased or decreased.
    • It provides increased customer loyalty thanks to strong customer communication.
    • It is ensured that customer experiences are grouped and their interests are determined and appropriate department arrangements are made.
    • Costs decrease with increasing efficiency and optimization.
    • Revenue increase is provided by creating the right marketing strategy.

Heat and Fire Meter Thermal System

    •  What ?
        • It determines the body temperature of the customers without contact at the market entrance.
        • It activates the instant warning system with the detection of high-fever customers.
        • It protects customer and employee health by sending data to the center and intervention.
        • It reduces the spread of infection.
        • Customer satisfaction increases.
    •  Benefits
        • It reduces the spread of infection.
        • Customer satisfaction increases.

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