Person Identification

    • What is Person Identification?
      • It is the system that determines the age and gender of
        people through contactless biometric information
        such as face recognition, thanks to sensitive cameras
        placed in closed areas.

    • Benefits
          • By determining gender thanks to sensitive cameras, the gender and age group which uses the region is reported and this information is presented to the required
            authorities when needed.
          • Depending on the age criteria set by the laws, the age analysis of the residents in the closed area is carried out. When a situation that does not comply with the rules
            occurs, it makes the necessary notification to the authorities.
    • Device Properties
            • Gender / Age determination
            • Face recognition with two-sensor camera
            • 30 fps, 1920 x 1080 resolution
            • Two 4mm fixed lenses
            • Night vision up to 80 cm thanks IR LED
            • Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence algorithms
            • Face scanning algorithms

Face Recognition Camera

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Support